Broad scope construction company. The added value of our team, guarantees the tranquility of your project. We are experts in the construction of houses, hotels and shops.

Directec by engineers with over a decade of experience in the sector, we guarantee the quality, time and price of your project.

Gremi Teixidors 26 Nave 8
Polígono Son Castelló
Palma de Mallorca - Spain
Teléfono: 971 722 453

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Managing Director    
Javier Bethencourt Carnicero    
Civil Enginerer

Technical Director
Gabriel L. Rechach Riera
Technical architect - Building Engineer

Construction Manager
Joan Miquel Campins                      
Technical architect

Construction Manager
Jose Manuel Jimeno                      
Technical architect   

Construction Manager
Bernat Rechach                     
Civil Enginerer

Construction Manager
Juan Simonet                     

Construction Manager
Javier Moledo
Technical architect

Construction Manager
Pere Casas
Technical architect / Project Manager

Utilities Coordinator
Federico Alvarz                    
Industrial Engineer

Quantity Surveyor
Ramiro Dolz
Technical Industrial Engineer

Finance Manager
Bernardo Lliteras
Licenciado en Economía

Jesús Hernández
Pedro Martínez
Jose Manuel Collado
Luís Díaz
Cristóbal Alzamora

Administration & Prevention
Inés Òdena
Lidia Cano

Second Foreman
Jose Luís Hernández
Eugeniusz Marchel